Journey Director Jenova Chen On Why He Won’t Play Final Fantasy VII Remake

Journey Director Jenova Chen On Why He Won’t Play Final Fantasy VII Remake

Jenova Chen, the director of Journey and Sky: Children of the Light, took his first name from the ultra powerful extra-terrestrial Final Fantasy VII character, but despite being a fan, he has no interest in playing the remake.

Journey PS3 Retrospective – Interview with Jenova Chen (1 of 5)

Part 1 – Journey Retrospect:
Part 2 – Next Game:
Part 3 – Meaning and Violence:
Part 4 – Church of Games:
Part 5 – Xbox One Kinect:

1 of 5 – We have a four part interview with Jenova Chen, and take the opportunity to look back on their games, Flow, Flower and Journey.

Chen discusses profitability of Journey, and changes in the Studio as their three game contract with Sony comes to an end. He also reflects on Giant Sparrow’s similar set-up with Sony.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Opening Hours Are Unbelievable

In this clip from our weekly Q &A for Patreon supporters called MinnFAQs, Ben Hanson shares spoiler-free impressions of playing the first six hours of Square-Enix’s remake of Final Fantasy VII. Opinions might change in the future for a full review, but nothing can take away the impact of playing this remake for the first time. You can unlock the full MinnFAQs podcast and listen every week by supporting MinnMax on Patreon!

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Spoiler Mode with Maximilian Dood

Damiani, Ben, Brad, Kyle, and special guest Maximilian Dood share their impressions and big brain theories about Final Fantasy VII Remake in this wild, spoiler-filled discussion! Mega drive emulator pc takes flight: play the Sega classic and command your own spaceship! Ready for intergalactic action?

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7 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has now been out for over two years, and as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has now been announced, we thought it would be a good time to run-through some elements about this new project that you probably didn’t know!

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